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If a student is absent, please report the absence to our attendance clerk on the day the student is out. If your student had a doctor or dental appointment please provide a note. 

District Attendance Information


Leaving Town Picture

Student's miss instruction even if they are gone for part of the day or if they arrive late. However; if you need to leave town, for whatever reason (if you will be gone for at least 5 days), please ask for a Short Term Independent Study Travel student packet from the Creekside office so your child will lose less instructional time.

Short Term Independent Study (STIS)

To request STIS for your student, parents must notify the school two weeks prior to the last day of attendance.  The parent will need to set an appointment to meet with admin to sign the STIS contract prior to the leave. 

Attendance Contact:

Brenda Valdez

First page of the PDF file: doc05363720231025093432